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4x4 Trip Photos:

El Mirage Jan 2008

Moab Oct 2005

Keysville Climb Sept 2004

A Celebration of Corky's Life 9-8-2004

Superstition Mountains Cal 4 event Jan 2004

Mojave Road Dec 2003 - Jan 2004

In and around Joshua Tree Oct 2003

Osa Meadows & Kern July 4-7 2003

Los Coyotes June 2003

Calico Canyon March 2003

Big Bear Aug 2002 Gold Mountain, John Bull Trail, White Mountain

Big Bear June 2002

Johnson Valley SledgeHammer & Jack Hammer October 2001

Map, Directions & GPS to Johnson Valley Hammers Camp

Big Bear Photos from 6/23 & 24, 2001

Los Coyotes September 22 & 23, 2001

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Wave your Flag,
Don't Waive your Rights!

Gun Cam - Help me watch it now!

How not to figure things out Those who are willing to sacrifice essential liberties for a little order, will lose both and deserve neither.
- Benjamin Franklin
What to do if they come for your guns

Montego encourages you to join SASS, and support your rights by joining your choice of the NRA and/or a freedom-oriented political organization local to you. You DO believe in your right to self-defense, don't you? Help preserve your rights before there is nothing left to preserve! Here are links to several groups. Join something!! Help us keep you free!

We all need to stick together on these things. Hunters, Fishermen, Shooters, Boaters, Jeepers, Prospectors, Vacationers, Miners, Horseriders, Dirtbikers, Campers, Hikers, Mountain Bikers, Walkers, Birdwatchers, Christians, Jews, Athesists, we ALL want freedom of movement, and freedom of choice. We need to be ready to defend Freedom from any attack, from outside, or inside. Remember that the founding fathers of our nation had just fought for their freedom, Our Freedom, by displacing the existing government. As a direct result, we got our Constitution & Bill Of Rights. Read them. Be alert for subtle attacks on your freedom. Do something. Because we have a Constitution & Bill Of Rights, we have peaceable methods to change our government, and to keep it in line with the wishes of the people. Remember; this government is intended to be "By and for the People". Lets hope it stays that way.

Other Net LINKS:
5 Dogs Creek Cowboy action shooting club
Panorama Sportsmans Club Cowboy Action Shooting (& Lunch!) in Sylmar, CA
Single Action Shooter Society (SASS)
Specialized Shotshells
Digital Photography Review
Calif DOJ approved handguns (note; several so-called "Saturday Night Specials" are on this list, and some really great quality guns aren't.Calif now requires the Mfgs to pay the fee every year, for every gun they list! It's NOT about safety, it's about money, it's about restrictions.

I think all women oughta carry a cell phone and a three-fifty-seven. Loaded." So declares a woman.... [FoxNews story]

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