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For some time I had been wondering, "Do guns really cause crime? " I kept reading about "gun violence" and "gun deaths" and so many things blamed on guns.

Then, foreign-owned Smith & Wesson sold its soul* to Impeached President Bill Clinton & Co. and I decided to rid myself of anything I owned that was produced by that evil corporation. In my sock drawer, I found my once-trusty Model 19.

I was about to throw it in the recycle bin with my cans when a thought occurred to me- why not use it for testing purposes? I'll watch it and see if it causes any violence.

Well, a month passed and nothing, but of course, I had to sleep, use the bathroom, and go to work- it could have caused violence during any one of those times when I wasn't watching. So then I thought, what if I harness the Power of the Internet?

So, I pointed my camera at it so anyone connected to the Internet can now help me watch for signs of violence.

Of course, if anyone sees anything even remotely suspicious or out of the ordinary, please me at once.


Wave your Flag, Don't Waive your Rights!

*The story & details of the Smith & Wesson sellout. (links fixed after source deleted)
S&W loses 40% of sales, then good sense returns! [cached]

The S&W Gun Cam original concept by Robert Frenchu who also created Mothers Insisting on Licensed Tools